Men's Action Project

A group of sitting at a conference table having a conversation.

Challenge the norm. Define healthy masculinity. Act to end violence.

The KU Men’s Action Project is a multi-week, cohort-based program intended to facilitate dialogue that encourages and challenges participants to critically examine masculine norms in their lives, discuss the systemic connections between traditional masculinity and sexual violence, and address unhealthy expressions of masculinity that harm women, men, and other folx.

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Why Men's Action Project?

Sexual violence prevention efforts have recently shifted from engaging men as potential offenders to engaging them as allies and leaders in violence prevention. In 2017, the Sexual Assault Prevention & Education Center (SAPEC) at the University of Kansas launched the KU Men's Action Project. The program draws upon promising practices in men's engagement from other universities, public health providers, and non-profit organizations focused on a commitment to gender-transformative practices.

Tyler Cargill, a Spring 2020 participant in the Men's Action Project

Coming into the Men's Action program, I had already considered myself to be a feminist. However, the program provided me new perspectives around feminist theory that helped me realize how my identity as a black man can make embracing the feminist agenda result in more empowerment for black women. I therefore seek to continue advocating for men of all races to embrace feminism for the sake of their women counterparts.

Tyler Cargill
Spring 2020 Cohort | Chemical Engineering | Class of 2020